BETOLAZA- The day-to-day reality women’s wardrobe.

BETOLAZA was founded as a response to the need to find items that can be worn on a women’s day-to-day reality. Elevated basics made for women by women that can be felt as luxurious essentials and uniforms dressings as well as timeless pieces never overdone.

The basis of BETOLAZA are built on the founder’s vision, María Acevedo, a mix of dualities masculine and feminine, strength and delicacy, structure and fluidity, tradition and modernity. Her aim is to create a universe that seeks timeless femininity with a contemporary approach. A return to the origins with the traditional techniques of pattern making, modeling and dressmaking and a great sensibility for the fabrics and the chromatic range.

María, when first founded the brand back in 2017 established a balance between elegance, minimalism, functionality and glamour. It is her way of paying tribute to the strong and confident women that raise their voice, act, move, run, live, create. Each collection is a homage to those women who understand and appreciate the value of well done clothes, with a story to tell about and a personality to carry them on.

María Acevedo by Rubén Vacas