Picture by Rubén Vacas

Picture by Rubén Vacas

BETOLAZA is a fashion label from the young spanish designer María Acevedo Betolaza.

BETOLAZA is a mix of dualities, masculine and feminine, strength and delicacy, structure and fluidity, tradition and modernity. A world created on the basis of contrasts that seeks timeless femininity with a contemporary approach. A return to the origins with traditional techniques of pattern making, modeling and dressmaking and a great sensibility for the fabrics and the chromatic range.

BETOLAZA’s women are strong and confident, they just need their personality to shine.

María Acevedo, Basque Country, 1983.

Summer of the 80’s, a little girl is lying on the grass drawing. A childhood surrounded by canvases, paint brushes and colors with which Maria develops a great sensibility towards the beautiful.
The 90’s and its aesthetics, the quiet life, the simplicity of things...all this shapes the universe where the BETOLAZA woman is born.